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Liskell at the International Lisp Conference 2007, Cambridge, UK

It's been over a month since I returned from Cambridge and still I have not found time to blog an epilogue for this trip.

First, here is the material: Liskell presentation-ILC This is a screencast of my talk at the International Lisp Conference 2007; one of the two presentations I have given in Cambridge. Notice that this talk was prepared for a Lisp audience, so my job was to highlight the features of Haskell. The other talk in Cambridge was at Microsoft Research and I plan to make this talk available in a similar style (but with the objective to sell Lisp ideas to a Haskell audience).

A few remarks:

  • The implementation of cond as defmacro is a pedagogical code mock-up. It operates on the wrong data structure. The Liskell paper has a correct implementation of cond as defmacro.
  • There are a few errors in the codec stream for qtrle. For some reasons, my recent sync with ffmpeg subversion HEAD caused this trouble. There are only 3-4 errors, and they are usually corrected in a few seconds with the next Pframe in the stream.
  • Levelator rox. I spent about 2 hours finding suitable settings for mastering my voice track in Audacity with no useful results at all. The first try with Levelator was a perfect mastering. Lovely.
  • The liskell-mode you see in this video is just a tiny minor mode wrapping haskell-mode with scheme indention. A video on how to set up this development environment is also on my todo list. Grab liskell-mode.el.
Audio and video recordings of the original session are available. But unfortunately, the video is incomplete and the quality is insufficient for reading anything from the projection, also the background noise of the audio recording is quite high. I recommend to download the screencast above. The slides and source code files are available here.

And finally a few photos in my semi-private flickr stream.