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Showing posts from May, 2007 dies dies in 3 days. I can't justify spending 25 EURs on extending the domain subscription, as nobody of my co-developers showed any partical interested in fueling this social attractor. If anyone is interested in reviving a Common Lisp developer group in Austria, feel free to contact me (preferably before the 21th of May).

Liskell at the International Lisp Conference 2007, Cambridge, UK

It's been over a month since I returned from Cambridge and still I have not found time to blog an epilogue for this trip. First, here is the material: Liskell presentation-ILC . This is a screencast of my talk at the International Lisp Conference 2007 ; one of the two presentations I have given in Cambridge. Notice that this talk was prepared for a Lisp audience, so my job was to highlight the features of Haskell. The other talk in Cambridge was at Microsoft Research and I plan to make this talk available in a similar style (but with the objective to sell Lisp ideas to a Haskell audience). A few remarks: The implementation of cond as defmacro is a pedagogical code mock-up. It operates on the wrong data structure. The Liskell paper has a correct implementation of cond as defmacro. There are a few errors in the codec stream for qtrle. For some reasons, my recent sync with ffmpeg subversion HEAD caused this trouble. There are only 3-4 errors, and they are usua

Liskell — my favorite Lisp+Haskell pet — has a new website, namely . There you will find a new branch of Liskell based on GHC-6.6 and a new Liskell development mailing list .

Happy Birthday LUKS!

Two years ago on the 25th of March 2005, I bumped the version of cryptsetup-luks to 1.0. With the release of cryptsetup-luks 1.0.5 , the LUKS reference implementation -- and arguably LUKS itself -- is more than 2 years old! With this release, the LUKS branch of cryptsetup is relabelled (in accordance with Christophe Saout ) and cryptsetup-luks becomes the original cryptsetup. Number one hit on Google for "LUKS" was once the American painter George Luks . I'm sorry George, but we have taken over. The term "LUKS" is now a synonym for "Linux Unified Key Setup". LUKS is now part of any major distribution, Debian includes it with their installation suite, Gnome can talk to it via a HAL module. I am quite satisfied with my first free software project, although my recent addiction to Lisp/Haskell/ Liskell makes it a bit harder for me to code C. It's interesting, how live changes in just two years. It's interesting how your personal interests chang