Studies (moved into the archive on 2006/09/17)
I'm done since last year. No need to have my study related documents in the site navigation. Moved here for future students to come.
Linux hard disk encryption settings
a total disclosure document on all available options and their weaknesses. This document is obsolete and it was incorporated into "New Methods in Hard Disk Encryption" (see Cryptography). Obsolete Version.
twofish-i586 (moved into the archive on 2006/02/06)
Counterpane's assembler implementation of my favourite cipher, Twofish, ported to Linux 2.6's CryptoAPI. Status: encryption/decryption works, althought there is a dependancy on Microsoft Assembler (MASM). Partially converted to gas. Will not be completed as the whole cryptographic world is looking at AES for the next few years. Project website.