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Showing posts from December, 2008

LUKS on-disk-format revision 1.1.1

Today, I published a new minor revision of the LUKS on-disk-format specification. It contains clarifications with respect to IV/tweak reference points. Thanks to Michael Gorven for the suggestion. It is available at new home of cryptsetup/LUKS at Google Code .

XMonad GridSelect

Personally, I not just need a window manager, I need a focus manager. I tend to think of windows as TODO items, and as there are many TODOs in life there are many windows on my workspaces. Usually a fraction of that can't be closed or worked on immediately, so they linger around on my desktop, cluttering my workspace. I used to use the Tabbed layout. But Tabbed isn't the answer when you are a guy who reports bugs such as "XMonad 0.6 with Tabbed dies when firefox-session-restore slams 40 windows at once on the desktop". In other words, I use a lot of windows. The workspaces concept isn't particularly useful to me either. My mind just doesn't work with mental boxes. So the result is, that I have too few workspaces with too much windows on them, so that Tabbed has trouble displaying useful window titles, and navigating through them is slow and cumbersome (mostly because tab switching generates a lot of useless X Expose events). GridSelect is my answer to that.