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I love the lolcat meme

From last year :)

Counter-steganography research?

In the context of a national research fund, I recently stumbled across a project that deals with counter- steganography research. From an academic point of view, it is healthy to have security technology research and research trying to break these technologies. But when I had a closer look what kind of counter-steganography they were actually working on, I got worried. The most common security breach in telecommunications is eavesdropping. Steganography and cryptography applied to telecommunication would both prevent that, the first by hiding the information, the second by talking in a language unknown to a third party listening. However, steganography is obviously more bandwidth demanding than cryptography, so why would anyone favour steganography over cryptography, when both achieve the same goals? Steganography has advantage that you can deny the existence of a hide message. Cryptographers call that plausible denial or deniable encryption . StegIT ( german ) is a project that