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After the most expensive car check and maintenance in my car owner history few weeks ago, my car died. Right in the middle of nowhere. And even worse, on my way to ICFP07.

Unfortunately, most of my planning rests on having a car, as my accommodation is not within Freiburg. Taking a plane/train to Freiburg and renting a hotel is simply way over my budget. I hope to have a working car by tomorrow, so I can make at least 50% use of my registration. Otherwise the registration fee will become a write-off in my books.

As I got home (from the middle of nowhere -- story on its own), I was so frustrated that I started to hack C. Here is an updated XFT patch (aka anti-aliasing support) for ion-3rc-20070927. Check the changes the patch does to your

Yes, yes, I will switch to XMonad soon.