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Happy Birthday LUKS!

Two years ago on the 25th of March 2005, I bumped the version of cryptsetup-luks to 1.0. With the release of cryptsetup-luks 1.0.5, the LUKS reference implementation -- and arguably LUKS itself -- is more than 2 years old! With this release, the LUKS branch of cryptsetup is relabelled (in accordance with Christophe Saout) and cryptsetup-luks becomes the original cryptsetup.

Number one hit on Google for "LUKS" was once the American painter George Luks. I'm sorry George, but we have taken over. The term "LUKS" is now a synonym for "Linux Unified Key Setup". LUKS is now part of any major distribution, Debian includes it with their installation suite, Gnome can talk to it via a HAL module. I am quite satisfied with my first free software project, although my recent addiction to Lisp/Haskell/Liskell makes it a bit harder for me to code C.

It's interesting, how live changes in just two years. It's interesting how your personal interests change in just two years. I shifted my attention from capital markets, to Lisp, to Genetic Programming, to Typing, to Haskell, to Liskell, to static reasoning about programs in a non-turing complete language. "Making good cookies" and "world domination" are the next on my list.