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Welcome LiLA!

Hamburg, April 2006. A few guys, a bar, and liters of cheap water. Right, it's all about Common Lisp.

I was attending ECLM06 and with me more Austrians than anticipated. After a quick hello, the idea was clear. We need to plan a strategy for the subversive infection of our fellow countrymen with the fruits of the theoretic work around the Lambda Calculus: Lisp!

After the regular phase of idleness, and occasional real life contact, I came up with the cute name LiLA, for Lisp Lovers Austria. But the name was found to be revealing on our true nature, and "Lovers" was substituted by the more neutral word "Lab" (thanks for the suggestion Patrik!). <Add more idleness here>, and right after that went online!

Our name, Lisp Lab, also fits neatly with a project we are associated with: metalab. metalab is an open center in the heart of Vienna, providing us with space and infrastructure for our meeting and events.

Talking of events, there will be Common Lisp Introduction workshop in metalab soon. I'm aiming to hold a two hour workshop consisting of 45 minutes talk, break and one hour hacking on your game-theorically perfect tic-tac-toe implementation. For the latter, we can also go for a more stupid computer player, otherwise playing and knowing the game will end in a draw is no fun.

Watch this site for a date/place announcement of the CL intro.