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cryptsetup 1.0.3

Finally, cryptsetup-luks 1.0.3 is out. It's somewhat hard to do a release when you not interested in doing it at all. But someone has to do it. I hope that this release will do it for the rest of the year.

Unless something grave happens (for instance, SISWG happens to adopt LUKS as hard disk encryption standard), I don't have plans for further development. The reason is that there is little room for substantial improvement at the layer LUKS is at. Integrating encryption at file system level gives you features that are unattainable at block level (see Plausible Denial article in this blog).

So, whenever you encounter a bug or undesired behavior, please try hard to diagnose them on your own or -- even better -- provide a patch. With the growing user base of LUKS, I simply can't devote lifetime for user support. Please use your distributions mailing lists or dm-crypt@saout.deas community based support forum.