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CLIM Screencast - Installation and Hello World

Finally, I was able to do my first CLIM screencast. It's about installation and writing a little hello world program to give the viewer a starting point for exploring McCLIM.

The intended audience are developers that have never seen McCLIM in action before and that need guidance with the Installation and their first Hello World steps.

Get it via bittorrent: CLIM Screencast - Installation and Hello World.torrent. (Please do not link to this torrent directly, as I might change the way I intend to distribute it, please link to the permalink below. I will update this entry when I move things around.)

In the video, I forgot to mention that you can use:

(define-key slime-doc-map "g" 'clim-lookup)
to bind clim-lookup to a key in Slime. Typing "C-c C-d g" will then invoke clim-lookup. And also here is the code fragment to run hello-world without the SLIME object pasting magic I unintentionally used in the video:
(run-frame-top-level (make-application-frame 'hello-world))
Update on video codec: I'm using a regular ISO MPEG-4 encoder. You will be able to decode this video with any MPEG-4 decoder, but sometimes (older player have that issue) they do not recognize the video as MPEG-4 as it contains the new fourcc for ffmpeg. (Background story here.) Windows users should install a recent version of ffdshow. *nix user can grab a recent version of mplayer. VLC should work as of version 0.8.4.