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Study material for Wirtschaftsinformatik & Technische Mathematik

Today, I received a letter by the vice-rector of the University of Vienna, announcing me to be Master of Computer Science & Economics. I take this opportunity to celebrate, but also to publish study materials related to my courses. They might be of use for students coming after me.WirtschaftsinformatikData Engineering (UE) Angaben, AusarbeitungDistributed System (UE) Source CodeProseminar aus Grundzüge der politischen Ökonomie (Makroökonomie) (PS), Seminararbeit "Stabilitäts- und Wachstumspakt"Makroökonomie (UE) Angaben, AusarbeitungRequirements Analyse (LU) Software Requirements SpecificationMacroeconomic Simulations (SE) "Border costs and real exchange rate dynamics in Europe" - englishTechnische MathematikAnalysis 1 (UE)Lineare Algebra 1 (UE)