an i586/i686 optimised Twofish implementation for Linux 2.6.

These sources are experimental. Make sure you don't depend on it's functionality, or the case of malfunction is not a problem for you. However they have been confirmed working by various parties, so you're not completely wasting your time when trying out this one. You might be able to safe setup time soon, since tests showed this implementation is twice as fast as Matthew Skala's C implementation used in Linux 2.6.

Be prepared to use precompiled code or to touch the Microsoft Assembler, masm. Since I'm most likely a stranger to you, evolution should urge you to compile it yourself. This effort can be supported by wine as well as Jon Kirwan's guide on how to extract MASM and LINK from various files provided by Have a look at the top level Makefile to get an idea of how building via masm and wine is done.

(2003/12) I have been working on a port to gas, which is ATM far from being complete (although it works), but due to a sustained lack of time caused by my studies I have suspended the work. Sorry folks.
(2003/09) 0.2 released. Fixes .cia_iv_size for 2.6.0-test4.